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    The Tamalpais Valley Watershed

    These five maps by Olivia Jacobs show how the watershed has meandered from 1871 to 1965. (Click to enlarge)

    The Tamalpais Valley is blessed with a rich diversity of wild life, expecially in our watershed. That watershed is home to at least three endangered species: the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, the California Clapper Rail, and the Pt. Reyes Bird's Beak (plant).

    One event done each year to increase awareness of the environment and our watershed is Up the Creek Day.

    Thanks to former TVIC Treasurer, Olivia Jacobs, TVIC received a grant from Marin County Stormwater Pollution Project (MCSTOPP). The money will be used for a MARSH DOCUMENTARY to be done by and for kids!!!!! Don Briggs, local filmmaker of Grand Canyon documentary fame, and TVIC member, has offered his assistance. We hope this documentary will be the environmental counterpart of the D.A.R.E. programs in schools. To help with the documentary or be in the watershed group, call TVIC and get the scoop on projects.

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