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    This project was completed in March, 2013, dedicated and named the Charles McGlashan Pathway after our late Supervisor who worked so hard to bring this to fruition.

    Here's the DPW update on the Tennessee Valley Multiuse Pathway as of the end of January 2012.

    Please note the construction schedule. Of course, this schedule assumes good weather condition and could change if the County encounters bad weather not suitable for construction activities. Per the contractor’s latest schedule all work near the Tennessee Valley Cabin should be completed by May 2, 2012. This portion includes the boardwalk from Marin Avenue to Highway 1 and the pedestrian bridge across Coyote Creek. The traffic signal on Highway 1 will be built between May and July 2012, with the remainder of the pathway from Highway 1 downstream to about the “Frantoio” restaurant to be completed from July to November 2012, at which time the project will be complete.

    For the Tennessee Valley Pathway, the County of Marin DPW has a website where they post updates. Contact information can be found at http://www.walkbikemarin.org/tvupdates.php

    The Manzanita Connector project is described in this fact sheet as a second phase. County of Marin is still in the right-of-way acquisition phase with Caltrans for rights on their property.

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