Tam Valley Improvement Club
P.O.Box 1446
Mill Valley, CA 94942
Message line: 415-383-3691

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TVIC Board of Directors

Olivia Jacobs, President
Casandra Fimrite, Vice President
Shannon Brown, Secretary
Barry Watson, Treasurer

Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club

The Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club is a nonprofit public benefit organization, established in 1921. For over ninety years, TVIC has been the voice of the Tam Valley community, addressing issues such as: emergency preparedness, land use and flood control, marshland protection, open space, paths, public transportation, recreation, traffic and development, and Tamalpais Valley history.

TVIC is the place to air and resolve community issues and disputes before they turn into big problems. Over ninety years of community activism have preserved a quality of life here that is rarely found in such close proximity to a major city. It is no accident that this community retains its semi-rural character, with beautiful open spaces and naturally preserved Coyote Creek, and many species of wildlife co-habiting with us -- including endangered species. This prime real estate could have turned into just another suburb, but it didn't -- thanks to many years of vigilence by TVIC and Tam Valley neighbors.

TVIC meetings are a great place to meet your neighbors and forge a community network which is so important in times like these. It's also a great place to share our talents and expertise, and to meet and learn from the vast numbers of talented, artistic, informed and just plain interesting folks who live in this community.

Get involved! Be a part of your great community: Please attend TVIC's monthly Club meeting at 6:00 PM on the third Thursday night of each month. We meet at the TCSD offices, 305 Bell Lane. Community info, developments, updates and more! Everyone welcome. 

JOIN TODAY Keep your community strong. Call 388-7247 or click on President at left for more information.

New TVIC Projects:

In addition to the Rhubarb Revue committee, which is already active, we've formed some new committees, and are soliciting volunteers from among the TVIC membership.

Events committee

- to organize TVIC events, within guidelines provided by the Board.

Community Advocacy Committee

- to deal with environmental problems and act as a watchdog for the community.

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