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Tamalpais Valley Historical Guild

Collecting and Preserving the Past
Before It's Lost

If you have photos or other memorabilia that you think the Guild would be interested in, please send an email or call the message line at the number above.

In 1993 several members of the Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club (TVIC) who were interested in Tam Valley history formed a group to discuss the best way to proceed with their mutual interest. The name voted on by all members of the group was The Tamalpais Valley Historical Guild (TVHG). Their goal was to record, preserve and promote Tam Valley history. Last year the TVIC Board was asked to once again sponsor and support the Tamalpais Valley Historical Guild and the board agreed.

This year, with the financial help of TVIC and at a location provided by the Tamalpais Valley Fire Department (aka Southern Marin Fire District on Poplar Street), the Guild is inviting the community to view some of what has been collected over the years. The main feature of this exhibit is the history of the Tamalpais Valley Fire Department from the earliest days when it was all volunteer with the truck and equipment stored in the original TVIC Hall on Maple Street.

Visiting hours will soon be established and will be posted here.

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