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    Rhubarb Review 2001

    Rhubarb Review Cast 2001
    (Cast from Rhubarb Review 2001 - Click to enlarge)

    The Rhubarb Revue, the Tam Valley tradition, pulled out all the stops for its historic 40th anniversary in 2001. Under the Direction of TVIC Vice President John King, and assisted by Perry King, it was the Tam Valley event of the year. The production boasted performers ranging from age 4 to 86. The theme of "2001" paid homage to science fiction with spoofs and satire on 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek, My Favorite Martian, Barbarella, and Hair.

    About 750 people enjoyed the eight performances, with free shows performed for the Redwoods Retirement Home and Whistlestop Wheels. The crowd pleaser was 4 year old Lucretia King singing "The Good Ship Lollipop."

    Featuring a live orchestra with show newcomers Jim Jacobs and Rob Schaaf, the show also included veterans - singer Jane Miller, actor Fire Chief Terry Kildow, Russ Irving on lights. Mark Miller returned as sound engineer, running all sound effects from appropriately enough - a computer. Mixing veterans and new comers, pros and amateurs, the show was a great experience for everyone. It received great press coverage including photos in the SF Chronicle, IJ, Marinscope, Pacific Sun, and Tiburon Ark.

    TVIC and the Rhubarb cast send their thanks to all the volunteers, including the entire TCSD Park and Rec Board (special thanks to Linda Johnson), Sandy Glading, Amelia Hulse, Photogs John Kokoska, ubiquitous volunteer Dan Grossman. Local artists Keith and Jeanne Jensen provided the beautiful scenery for the 16th year! It was a show that involved the entire community.

    You can still see the Rhubarb Revue! Pro VHS Videos of the show are available thanks to Scott Stenderís Magnetic Image Video for $20 for pickup or $23.50 with S & H. Call for info or send check payable to TVIC to Box 1446 Mill Valley, CA 94942.

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