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Winter schedule of classes at the Tam Valley Community Center

Recreation in Tam Valley

There is SO MUCH to do in and around Tam Valley.

Because of the location (we're surrounded by a mountain, a major city, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean), rugged terrain, spectacular scenery, mild climate, clean air, proximity to San Francicso, and Marin's own eccentric brand of free spirits, there are things you can do here which you can't do in most places.

We haven't even started to flesh out this portion of the website, but here are a few sports and recreational activities to be found in Tam Valley. Please email us at webmaster@tamvalley.org with information about your club, sports group, etc. and give us contact information and a link to your website.

Local clubs and recreational activities:

The Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club meets the first Thursday of every month, at 6 p.m. at the TCSD offices, 305 Bell Lane.


Tam Valley's varied terrain and proximity to Mt. Tamalpais, the Pacific Ocean and various portions of the San Francisco Bay, make this area a prime location for outdoor sports - hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, sailboarding, sailing -- you name it.

Here's one extreme sport you can do here that you can't do in most communities: San Francisco Hang Gliding Center (which is really located on Mt. Tam, not in San Francisco) offers the daring the chance to fly like an eagle... to the sea. In good weather, hang gliders jump off the top of Mt. Tam and float down to Stinson Beach, with a 360 degree view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. S.F. Hang Gliding Center's tandem hang gliders and tandem paragliders allow complete novices the chance to experience this breathtaking sport first hand. According to their website: "it is now possible for a person with no previous experience to take a high altitude hang gliding flight beside a qualified instructor after only 5 minutes of instruction." See their website for details.

Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding & skimboarding enthusiasts -- check out Tam Valley videographer Craig Potter's website (Cramik Films). Craig has created some impressive videos and still photos of local athletes in action -- and put them on the internet. (Craig also filmed the Sudden Oak Death disease program for this website.)

See our new web page on hiking and biking trails. If you would like to help us put together a web page about your favorite local sport - please email us at webmaster@tamvalley.org.


TVIC sponsors the Rhubarb Revue which has run almost continuously since 1954, making it the longest running show of its type in California! The Rhubarb Revue has 6 show dates - 3 Fridays and Saturdays and a Sunday matinee. Auditions are usually held in February. For more info click on the link above or contact the TVIC.

The Mountain Play - established in 1913, is among the oldest outdoor theater productions in the country. The play runs each year in May and June, at the Mountain Theater (a/k/a/ The Cushing Memorial Theater), an outdoor amphitheatre on Mount Tamalpais. The theater seats 3,750. Show dates are typically mid May through mid June. Signups for auditions begin in January (call 383-1100). For more info call 383-0155.

Marin Theatre Company - 397 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley. For more info call 388-5208.

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